Why YOU Should Attend Social Mix 2012: Reason #2 – @AmberMac

%social engagement %social listeningOne of the reasons we’re hosting Social Mix 2012 is to help the Remix Project in Toronto.

Yes, we’ll be providing great tips, strategies, case studies and much more to help you take your business and brand to the next level – but we also want to encourage the next generation of business leaders.

Hence the support of Remix. This organization helps kids from marginalized and underserved communities get ahead in life.

Which ties perfectly to our opening keynote speaker, Amber MacArthur, better known as @AmberMac.

From Small Beginnings

Born in Charlottetown in the small Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, Amber Mac embodies all that the Remix Project is about, as far as marginalized communities go.

Primarily a farming community, Charlottetown is mainly made up of public sector jobs and call centres. Light manufacturing companies in the chemical space are also prevalent.

For the digital and mobile marketing arena, then, Charlottetown may not be the ideal environment. Yet that hasn’t stopped Amber from conquering the space and becoming a true thought leader in the space.

Early Days and Successes

The first time I encountered Amber was on the TV show, Call For Help, with new media legend Leo Laporte. (Interesting trivia fact – new media thought leader Chris Pirillo also appeared on Call For Help).

I was immediately a fan, as she made technology and online advances seem so simple – the latest trends were broken down and examined, and insights offered why this tech was something to watch.

Her easy-going style and inquisitiveness (along with the great rapport between Leo and Amber) made Call For Help one of my early favourite shows about this space.

But Call For Help was just the first time I’d heard of Amber – she had much more in her locker prior to that.

  • She was an associate reporter for CBC Television in Charlottetown.
  • She was a web strategist for Microsoft.
  • She was a web designer at Razorfish.
  • She was Director of Web Marketing at HigherMarkets.
  • She co-hosted a Discovery Channel Canada special about “Science on the Red Carpet”.
  • She had a weekly column for CBC Newsworld.
  • She was the New Media Specialist for CityNews International.
  • She launched the popular TV show Webnation.
  • She was voted Best Geek Personality by NOW Magazine in 2006.
  • Oh, and she also wrote the best-selling book Power Friending – Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business.

And that’s just a bucket list overview – Amber’s achievements are numerous, and add to her reputation as one of the smartest people on the web today.

She’s currently the co-host of popular mobile technology and trends show App Central, and is co-founder and Vice President of new media company MGImedia.

Why We’re Excited About Amber Mac

As you can see, Amber has a huge amount of experience and is immensely respected in the digital and tech world. Considering that this can (traditionally) be a male-dominated industry, her success is a clear indication of wanting something and going after it wholeheartedly.

It doesn’t matter that she grew up in an area not known for its technical wizardry; or that she was away from the digital powerhouses of Toronto or Vancouver – Amber knew what she wanted to do and the paths she’d have to take to get there.

Sound familiar? The Remix Project wants to encourage kids to do the same, and achieve their goals no matter their beginnings. And, as Amber shows, the digital space combined with drive and hard work is the perfect playground to make these goals happen.

Who better to talk about that at our Social Mix 2012 event? Bring it on!

Social Mix 2012 - and your chance to see Amber Mac in person – is happening July 26th. Early bird pricing is still on, but only for another week. Get your tickets now!

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  1. amirad says:

    @hessiejones So many great reasons to attend SocialMix2012! @ambermac

  2. Dave Gallant says:

    How much for tickets?

  3. Dave Gallant says:

    Nevermind, I’m checking now.

  4. skypulsemedia says:

    @belllindsay @AmberMac @JugnooMe will comment when back from the gym!

  5. Danny Brown says:

    Hi Dave – normal early bird price $150 until June 18, discount code DannyBrown20 gets you 20% off price. Hope to see you there! :)

  6. HowieSPM says:

    Geez not sure Amber’s resume is deep enough. She has not played pro hockey or rugby.  I see no fast food cashier experience. And she surely hasn’t helped Canada invade Greenland which is key for a speaker these days.
    But I heard all attendees get free cupcakes and IPad6′s?
    The real question is why would such a smart nice woman want to hang around you Jugnoo ruffians and ruffiettes? Well I must say you are lucky because this could be traumatic for her. We all know Toronto is a tough city, high crime, rude cab drivers, and a Zoo that is keeping Bambi and Tigger captive against their wills. I was there when I was 6…trust me I know these things.

    • DannyBrown says:

       @HowieSPM We made sure ambermac knew you weren’t going to be in attendance, Howie, and that sealed the deal.

    • rdopping says:

       @HowieSPM You must have been here more recently then. I just got robbed by a expletive spewing cabbie who took off with my Ipad6. Bastard.

  7. ambermac says:

    @justgetfit I’m only cool ’cause I’m your spinning understudy! :)

    • JustGetFit says:

      Lol You know it sister!! RT @ambermac:@justgetfit I’m only cool ’cause I’m your spinning understudy! :)

  8. ambermac says:

    @andtheloro Ah, thanks Matt

  9. DannyBrown says:

    @140confONT @AmberMac @JugnooMe Thanks, guys – so do we! :) #SoMix2012

  10. ambermac says:

    @140confont ;)

  11. DannyBrown says:

     @HowieSPM You must have been here more recently then. I just got robbed by a expletive spewing cabbie who took off with my Ipad6. Bastard.


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