Useful Tumblr Analytics for Social Media Management

Understanding how Tumblr performs is part of a brand’s social media management program. Tumblr’s appeal (see stats below) is relevant for brands that are targeting that demographic: reference Lincoln Motor Company’s subtle retro-image campaign.

%social engagement %social listening

Lincoln Motor Company on Tumblr

Here are some of the metrics that are available through analytics package Union Metrics for Tumblr:

Amplified and Direct Reblogs – If you reblog an original post, it’s called a ‘direct reblog’. But if you reblog a reblog, it’s called an ‘amplified reblog’. Keeping track of which posts have been reblogged is a way to measure the engagement of the content you are posting.

Timeline of Engagement - You can map spikes in user activity to individual visitors who are rediscovering your brand content and sharing it with their followers.

Tagging - UM for Tumbler lets you know which tags get the most engagement, avoiding guesswork around which tags are  most effective. Keep in mind that Tumblr does not track past the first five tags on your blog. The remainder tags will just help organize content internally.

Influencers – You can discover who the lead influencers are in your particular community. When they reblog your content they are exposing you to their own (usually large number of) followers.

%social engagement %social listening

Source: Union Metrics for Tumblr

5 Facts About Tumblr from Pew Research:

  • Tumblr users are clustered around high end of income scale ($75K+) and the low end (under $30K)
  • Tumblr users are usually urban and educated
  • 6% of internet users reported using Tumblr, vs. 2/3 for Facebook
  • 13% of Tumblr visitors are 18-29 years old
  • Tumblr users are equally divided between male and female
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