Unhappy with Social Media Measurement?

%social engagement %social listeningYou’re not alone…

a report by Ragan.com shows that almost 70% of 2,714 communications professionals are either dissatisfied or somewhat satisfied around the metrics they get from social media measurement. And Adobe reports that 52% of marketers are frustrated because it is so hard to measure ROI in social media.

There is a tendency in social media metrics to get excited about “reach” and audience size, but what matters is what percentage of that audience engaged with your content, shared it with colleagues, subscribed to your list, contacted you, or entered a sales funnel. At the end of the day, how many visitors did we get (prospects)…how many contacted us (leads) …and how many bought our goods and services (customers)?

So some questions to ask are: 1. What social media channels are driving traffic to my sales process? 2. Are my social media channels driving traffic to a sales process – period? – and 3. Do we have a sales process in place that is in sync with what is being said in social media channels overall?

Marketers aren’t alone in their disgruntlement. NM Insight found that 1 in 3 social media users would rather contact a company by social media rather than the phone. However, only 36% of customers say their issue was solved quickly and effectively by the brand they are interacting with. What this tells us is that brands may be spending time creating content and marketing in social media, but not actively responding to existing customers (which represent repeat business) in the medium of their customers’ choice.

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Currently collaborating on a book about Big Data, Tim Robertson has helped create an enterprise-level social media platform, taken best practices in branding to developing nations, and helped build one of the Alexa “Top 1 Million Sites in the World”. He has over 20 years experience in innovative marketing, branding, and design.

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