TGIF – Just Say So Long Edition!

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Good afternoon, gentle readers, and I hope that you’re having the most wonderful Friday that the internet could ever muster up for you. I, on the other hand, am experiencing a Friday most bittersweet.

Yes, TGIF-ers, I write this post with a heavy heart. It is my final post for this weekly feature, as I am leaving Jugnoo for (as Danny Brown puts it) ‘pastures new’. And you know, it’s hard to say goodbye.

I have loved taking you on these weekly journeys throughout the Jugnoo offices, and introducing you to the cast of colourful characters that help bring our products to life.

I have loved the occasions where I have been fortunate enough to meet our online supporters offline, and interface with them face-to-face. I have loved having the chance to play host at Social Mix, eat all the food, and attend NXNEi, where I could geek out to my heart’s content.

Working here at Jugnoo has been an amazing opportunity, and above all else, I have loved being your Community Manager.

So thank you, gentle readers, for indulging me week after week, following me on Twitter (ahem…) and being a big part of making it so much fun to come to work every day. I sincerely hope that you’ll continue to reach out to me – no one likes to surf the internet alone!

With that, I won’t say goodbye… only so long. Or, to ‘internetify’, TTFN!

And on that note, let’s leave this where I started off. Here is a live stream of some kittens.

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Helen Androlia is a bonafide internet geek, an unofficial karaoke queen, and an expert on all things cats. If you enjoy irreverent hashtags and caps lock abuse, you can follow her on Twitter at @HelenAndrolia.

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