Memories of #SoMix2012 @GaryVee: “You’re Betting Against the Internet if You Don’t Believe in Social Media”

Garyvee 811x1024 Memories of #SoMix2012 @GaryVee: Youre Betting Against the Internet if You Dont Believe in Social MediaWhen @GaryVee comes to town, he makes an impact. I’ve seen him a few times already and each time he makes me question about what I’m doing as a marketer in this evolving space.

At #SoMix2012 July 26, Gary was in fine form, disrupting the mindset of traditional marketers and giving them a beat-it-over-your-head-or-die approach as to why they need to RETHINK Marketing in this new ERA.

Below are some pretty profound quotes and anecdotes I captured from Gary’s Keynote.

It’s time to go beyond listening and take action before we get left behind.

I don’t give a f*** about technology…. I care about selling stuff and making money. But in this world that we live…. THIS (technology) is a necessity

Everything stays the same. People are people. But what changes are the platforms that dictate the world around us. TV…Radio…Print changed the way we behaved and how we consumed information. Gary, however talks about the most substantial shift: The Internet.

In the mid-90′s it’s what connected you and me––the masses. That has shifted power forever from governments, corporations and institutions to the people. It’s what’s changed “everything… and the stakes are obnoxiously high.

Acquisition is a commodity….. but the most limited supply in the world is Effort!

“Getting customers is cake….Acquisition has been mapped.” Behavioural and data scientists are figuring it out. They are getting a better understanding of the buying cycle and have integrated this into customer touch points.

At the end of the day, there is only one game we’ll be playing, as per Gary, “Retention“. That means Life Time Value (LTV), Share of Wallet… and when Effort and Human Caring come into play. And that is hard. “What if that company has done nothing to show you a gesture or to listen to you or to show they care?” Would you stay?

Remember the small-town rules? The Mom and Pop shops knew context on the end customer. And they used that context to do business with them.

Facebook’s Open Graph has amplified this notion. We now know “everything” about each other! When we are sharing our thoughts, our opinions, our behaviours, we are impacting each other.

We believe in word of mouth and right now it is at scale. The impact of word of mouth is greater than ever. Marketers need to be just as tight with their customers.

The people that try to scale the unscalable going forward are going to win!……We are now living through massive fragmentation of our attention.The bullshit radar of the consumer is greater than ever!

Here, Gary gave a great example when he sold his first book, Crush it!, After years of exhaustive “giving, giving, giving” and responding to each and everyone of his customers, when it was time to promote his book, he leveraged those connections.

With no media spend, he took advantage of their platforms to distribute the message. The reason this worked: Gary’s eyeballs cared. … and the funnel the users came through had EMOTION attached to it.

As Gary says, we’re moving to “Old School, high touch, giving a sh** marketing and now we have the tools to make it scale”.

Marketers ruin everything

We lead with our minds and not with our hearts. We try to apply validation and evidence where clearly instinct and common sense should reign. We’re “half-pregnant”, half-in. We know it’s right.

We know we need to pay attention and invest the time and resources in social media, but we lack the motivation or gumption to carry it up the flagpole and put it into action.

The ROI of my mother is everything!

“Caring for the end user who is buying our products… is ALWAYS the right thing. The ones who WIN feel it, execute and they they tell others how they did it.” As Gary noted, these days, “The world is changing. The eyeballs and ears of our customers are going in different places. If you’re not there. You’re going to lose.”

I’d love to hear your favourite quotes from Gary.

Below is Gary’s Keynote at Social Mix 2012–in its entirety. Enjoy!

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  1. My favorite was (and I’m paraphrasing) when he said we didn’t use to call all of our friends and say, “I’m eating a Snickers!” but we totally do that on social media. That one made me laugh really hard.

  2. Geoff Reiner says:

    I really enjoyed when he spoke about people that want to see an ROI on social media. Then he asked “What’s the ROI of your Mom???”

    If you’re not passionate about the social media space and communicating with your customers, there’s really no point in wasting your time – especially if you’re looking for a direct return.
    Awesome day all around!

  3. Jim Pagiamtzis says:

    It was an amazing talk.Lot of great insights into Business, life and Success.

  4. Sara Chi says:

    My favorite is, “everything stays the same, what’s changing are the platforms dictate us.” The key of winning – armed with your passion and stay ahead of the curve.


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