Why YOU Should Attend Social Mix 2012: Reason #1 – @GaryVee

%social engagement %social listeningWhen Jugnoo had an opportunity to connect with @GaryVee, we decided to go all out and pursue him as a keynote for the conference of our lives: #SoMix2012.

After all, GaryVee personifies everything right about social media.

He is a living example of how success can be achieved by the small business guy who did not have a voice loud enough to go up against the big brands.

If you haven’t read The Thank You Economy, you’ve been missing out on the evolution of business… happening at this very moment.

As per @GaryVee…

We are verging on the thank you economy…. give a shit about your customers…. care about them…

The team at Jugnoo believe in the Thank You Economy and we try to live by its principles in how we treat our customers.

Marketing is being turned on its ear. We, as marketers, are learning how to behave in ways that allow ourselves to be more accessible to our customers… and for our customers to be more accepting of us as companies who really give a sh** %social engagement %social listening about them!

We are massively underestimating this culture shift… We are in the era of the humanization of business. We’re living by small town rules again.

My friend, Martin Byrne said something very poignant the other day: Remember how long it took for traditional media to gain acceptance as an effective marketing vehicle? When the marketing community finally accepted it as a viable channel, then no one really questioned the lack of real measurabililty or attribution to sales.

Enter Digital

Digital is a channel that can be measured. That can validate success. And yet, compared to traditional media, those of us who work in this digital industry are held to a higher standard.

Can social media be measured? Absolutely! There have been countless case studies that speak of tangible and intangible results.

According to @GaryVee, you cannot put a dollar amount on caring. But you can measure: customer satisfaction, churn reduction, positive sentiment, and organic growth. Over time it’s merely “priceless”!

This quote from The Thank You Economy says it all…

All marketing is going to get back to the way it used to be in the Butcher Shop or Mom and Pop store where they knew your name, your kid’s name and your dog’s name. That’s the way humans like it ….

…and that’s the way they should be treated!

I am so glad someone decided to create a visualization for this. @GaryVee’s reference really hit the message home. Enjoy!

%social engagement %social listening
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

Social Mix 2012 - and your chance to see Gary Vee in person – is happening July 26th. Early bird pricing is still on, but only for another week. Get your tickets now!

%social engagement %social listening
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  1. louise_philp says:

    #Toronto! RT @JugnooMe If you needed more reasons to attend #SoMix2012, here’s one: http://t.co/ecaQpIDJ – Early bird prices until Monday!

  2. HowieSPM says:

    Uhm who is @garyvee ? NY Jets fans do not count as an attraction. Unless he wears his Tebow shirt. Plus I heard the Mix was moving to Ft Lauderdale because @ginidietrich  insisted on a beach location? Have you been there in July? I have it is sweat city. But they have AC inside the convention center.  Boy is she demanding. But at least she promised to talk like the McKenzie brothers when she speaks and @geoffliving said he is going to use his belarus accent he has been practicing. I would seriously swim to Cuba and back from Alaska to see Gini and Geoff speak.
    Tell @dannybrown and @belllindsay I said hello. And that I am still waiting on my Jugnoo me T-Shirt and Hoodie.
    This comment was sponsored @livefyre

  3. yolevski says:

    @JulieTyios @garyvee @jugnoome I would have loved to. But $150 for a ticket is not something i can afford right now. :(


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