Social Media Spam Proliferates

%social engagement %social listeningFrom the Research Report: 2013 State of Social Media Spam by NXGate. Social media spamming is a growing industry for those who do it, and those who have to monitor it.

During the first half of 2013, social spam has grown by 355%

Spammers redirect to the good stuff
15% of social spam has an URL that connects to spam content, pornography, or malware

Fakes generate more content
Fake social profiles post more content then real profiles do, and post to 23 or more social media accounts.

Spammers are proliferating
For every 7 new social media accounts, 5 are detected spammers

Spammers love YouTube and Facebook
The ration of spam on YouTube and Facebook to other social media is 100 to 1.

Phishers on Facebook
Facebook has 4 times more phishing attacks then other social media networks

YouTube scores highest in “risky content”
YouTube spends a lot of time monitoring complaints about videos that spew out profanity, threats, insults, and hate speech.

Branded social media accounts suffer the most
“The rate of spam is growing faster than the rate of comments on branded media accounts.”

There are automated tools to battle spammers in social media channels. Nexgate seems to have a large footprint in this growing field: a description of the platform is below.

Nexgate provides cloud-based brand protection and compliance for enterprise social media
accounts. Its patent-pending technology seamlessly integrates with the leading social
media platforms and applications to find and audit brand affiliated accounts, control
connected applications, detect and remediate compliance risks, archive communications,
and detect fraud and account hacking.”



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