Social Media Professionals Choose Their Weapons

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Social Marketer’s with Over 5 Years Experience: Social Media Channels Focus

Social media professionals with over 5 years experience are choosing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging as the channels to focus most of their efforts on, according to a new survey and report.

Professionals with less experience do not have blogging as high on the list; it may be because they haven’t experienced the long term benefit of establishing a reputation for themselves or their brand through content creation per se.

Five year professionals also put a lot of emphasis on LinkedIn, with YouTube coming up in fourth place.

Google Hangouts has some new features that will garner more use from people familiar with the service, and as Hangouts grows to become significant competition for apps like Skype and WhatsApp, there may be more of an uptick in Google+ usage in the year ahead.

Source:  Industry Report: by Michael A. Stelzner

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