What To Look For In A Social Media Monitoring Platform

%social engagement %social listeningSetting up a social media monitoring program inside your organization makes sense if there is a vested interest in seeing results, keeping an eye on the competition, and looking for ways to capitalize on what is  happening in the community. The next stop is deciding what you need in order to leverage this activity and get a good return on your investment in time and resources spent.

Here are some determining factors to use when considering the tools you will need:

      • Is CUSTOMER SUPPORT going to be involved in this activity? If so, how will they have access to the information and a window into what is important to them?
        You’ll need to make sure they have their own account access and be able to both listen and interact on their own initiative.
      • MARKETING: Is sentiment analysis necessary? You will need to see sentiment in tweets and posts, and be able to filter according to sentiment.
      • SALES: Is it important to know intent? You will need to see which tweets or posts have intent, such as purchase intent, and the ability to filter accordingly.
      • Do you need to visualize keywords and hashtags? If yes, you will need something like the Visualizer in Jugnoo – capturing what is happening in social media in real time.
      • Are your reports necessary on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?
        Having a good report format makes it easy to distribute and share.
      • How many people, or divisions, or franchises, will be involved? Having many different admin levels can mean more control and the proper distribution of brand communications.
      • Do the monitoring tools have to integrate with Salesforce or Google? Integration should be simple, and not an expensive or time consuming proposition. A simple .csv file should suffice.*
      • Do you want to manage your various social media profiles with your social media tools? You will want to be able to manage and distribute admin access to all of your social media profiles.
      • Do you need to have the ability to share feeds based on particular projects, across multiple teams?
        One of the most important features of any social media tool is the ability to share across multiple teams.
      • Is scheduling important? If you are creating content that is scheduled you will need a tool that allows you to create the content and schedule publication/posting dates.
      • If the data has to be exported, what formats does that information have to be in, and where is it going? Often all another department needs is a .csv file or a PDF.

*As an example, the information available in social media is only valuable up to the point a user becomes a prospect for a company that has something to sell. In the Jugnoo platform, a queue can be set up to monitor a conversation in social media, giving cues as to when a user is qualified. Once that user is qualified as a prospect they would be placed into a CRM platform, where there is a distinct form of relationship outside of social.

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