Memories of Social Mix 2012 – @GeoffLiving and @GiniDietrich #SoMix2012

%social engagement %social listeningThis is a guest post by Geoff Livingston and Gini Dietrich.

We enjoyed our live PowerPoint-less presentation at Social Mix 2012.

When there are two people, it makes it easier to provide a more entertaining learning experience on what can be a difficult topic.

So when we speak together we intentionally engage in a little playful banter to drive home our three primary points in Marketing in the Round:

1) Break down silos within your organization.

2) Use these new fluid structures to develop diverse multichannel marketing campaigns (including social). We suggest four general approaches: Direct, top-down, the groundswell and flanking.

3) Develop SMARTER goals to measure and guide your whole marketing communications effort

While each of these goals sounds simple, it takes some work. We know this.

For example, a silo is not just a silo. You may have a small business or an entrepreneur who is isolated, forming a local silo. Then within a department you have functional silos, such as the social media manager or the public relations director.

%social engagement %social listening

Breaking down those silos is not as easy as a rally cry from the executive suite, either. People have to start working together every week, in what we call the round. That’s where the planning and the working together towards common goals happens.

Those executives need to do more than issue a memo, and fully support the multichannel integration. They also have to support those SMARTER Goals.

Companies still need to go further when it comes to breaking down silos. Consider that procedures need to be retooled, incentive structures have to be revised to encourage people to work together, and you may even need to build better collaborative workspaces, both in the office and online.

These three undertakings — Silos, building multichannel campaigns, and SMARTER measurement — take time.

We know they’re worth it. Results show collaborative team-based marketing across disciplines from social to advertising produces much more successful ROI for brands. And it’s what CMOS want.

We hope you agree and take on the Marketing in the Round challenge!


  1. Love this, both in person and this second time ’round (pun intended).

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