Facebook Social Graph Allows Post and Comment Searches

You will now be able to search for conversation topics within comments and posts, as well as status updates and photo captions. You can also break it down to a certain time period or location. This is being featured to a limited number of users, and will be rolled out to all users in the months ahead.

%social engagement %social listening

One of Facebook’s strategies is to capture the audience that Twitter gets around events and broadcasts. A user can scan conversations about his or her favourite game or show, and join the conversation. You can’t do that on Twitter, unless there is a hashtag specific to the event.

Facebook says that 88 – 100 million people are using Facebook during prime time television broadcasting.

To capitalize on this, Facebook is shaping its search function to encourage users to connect and engage during this time, and that means more time spent on Facebook, ultimately. As well, there are all the marketing dollars that will flow into the platform when shared interests are also live during prime time hours.

%social engagement %social listeningThe only downside to all of this is that it will be easier than ever for people to search out whatever has been posted to Facebook throughout time – including that-not-so-flattering picture of you and your friends at the end-of-semester frat party!



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