Cellular Jerks: Where Are Your Mobile Manners? (Infographic)

At Jugnoo, we like to think we’re pretty adept with the latest smartphones and mobile technology.

From iPhones to Androids, tablets and more, there’s a veritable mini-turf war going on at Jugnoo HQ as to which is the best platform. All that aside, however, there’s another big question at stake – do we lose our manners when a smartphone comes out?

According to this infographic below, that would be a resounding YES! It’s scary to think how many of these we’re guilty of – how about you?

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About Tim Robertson

Currently collaborating on a book about big data, Tim Robertson has been involved in both product marketing and content marketing roles at Jugnoo. He has taken best practices in branding to developing nations, helped build one of the Alexa “Top 1 Million Sites in the World”, and written for industry publications such as the Design Management Review.

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