Be Brilliant at the Basics

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A lot of the time, we look at ways we can be outrageously creative.

We think of ways to outshine that viral video our competitor lucked out with. Or we look at the craziest competition we can offer that ties social media, mobile, print and online marketing all into one kickass promo.

Or we think of how many cool features our new product has, and then think how it’d be even cooler to multiply that number by ten and use that as just the starting point.

Even on our blogs, we look at how we can make our design the one that stands out from the rest and look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

But do we need to?

Does outrageously creative lead to more sales? Is that viral video one our audience will react to? Is our multi-platform marketing based on audience demographic or internal silo thinking? Does our blog’s content live up to the look and feel surrounding it?

There’s no question there’s a time and a place for the outrageous – but there’s also a time and place for the basics, too. Usually even more so.

Be brilliant at the basics – the rest will follow.


  1. Hi Danny,

    If someone is really creative at self-promotion, but there’s no follow-through we have a big problem. It’s like the “survival of the fittest” scenario I wrote about in a post. If you are not great at the basics, well let’s see how long you can make it here.

    Being really good at the basics also means constant research and I’m always at it at places like, well, here and ;)

    You know how I feel about adding some personality to the mix, but if you have nothing to back it up well, good luck to the “gurus” out there trying to pull that one off. Luckily I’ve been learning from the best … ;)

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