A Special @JugnooMe Invite to @Seesmic Users #Seesmic

%social engagement %social listeningDear Seesmic User,

As the news of Seesmic being acquired by Hootsuite settles and you look to decide what you wish to do next, we’d love to offer you another option to moving to Seesmic’s new home.

As someone who used Seesmic back when it was a simple video-sharing tool, and seeing how it progressed to a full social dashboard, it was kinda bittersweet to see it lose its independence.

Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite, has already stated:

If someone is a casual user of Seesmic, go this way [e.g. to Twitter]. We’ve always been very focused on the Enterprise.

While this is great for Enterprise-level users, it’s probably not so great for solo entrepreneurs, smaller or mid-sized businesses, or even casual users of Seesmic.

This is where Jugnoo would like to help and offer another option for you.

More Than Just a Social Dashboard

As a Seesmic user, you already know how to manage your social accounts across multiple networks, as well as uploading rich media and creating search streams, etc.

However, social media – whether you’re a casual user or a business user – is much more than just being able to have multiple streams and team members.

You also need context of your social media activity; your most influential conversations; multimedia promotional tools; analytics and much, much more. This is where Jugnoo and our Social CRM solution takes your Seesmic experience to the next level.

Here are just some features, some you’ll already know, others you’ll want to know:

Social Dashboard

%social engagement %social listening

The Jugnoo social dashboard (click to expand)

Much like Seesmic, the Jugnoo social dashboard allows you to consolidate several social accounts under the one roof.

Currently supported platforms include Twitter, Facebook (Profiles and Pages), LinkedIn, YouTube, Buffer, Posterous, Tumblr and Google, with more being added regularly.

This allows you to post updates to more than one network, and our Buffer partnership ensures you can schedule these updates at a time when the majority of your audience is online.

Multiple Search Streams

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Multiple saved search streams (click to expand)

As well as being able to update your networks, you can also set up various streams just for search purposes. This is perfect for brand monitoring; customer service; keywords; reputation management; competitive analysis; and much, much more.

You can then just choose which streams you have open in your browser, and our responsive design ensures the optimum amount of information is on display at any given time.

Oh, and if you’re a regular Twitter chat attendee, and use a stream dedicated to the hashtag, we automagically populate your tweet with the chat hashtag when you reply to someone – bonus!

Social Monitoring

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Jugnoo social monitoring (click to expand)

While being able to manage multiple accounts is all well and good, if you’re not measuring then you’re not using social media to the full potential for your business.

With Jugnoo’s social monitoring solution, we help you understand the impact of your online actions. Who’s talking about you; where are they; who are they; how are they describing you; and more.

Better still, not only does our social monitoring show you at a glance how your business is doing on social media, we also have the tools that partner with monitoring seamlessly to take your understanding of your audience to the next level.

Social Analytics

%social engagement %social listening

Facebook analytics (click to expand)

Understanding your followers and fans is key to helping you create the kind of content they want to consume. Create that kind of content, and the likelihood of your audience sharing your product or service increases, and this then helps you improve your offering as feedback comes in.

With Jugnoo’s social analytics, you can begin to learn more about your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube audience.

While the information primarily looks at peg counts, reach and views in the current version, our imminent update will dive deeper into the make-up of your audience, including purchase intent history and more.

Tweet Visualyzer™

%social engagement %social listening

Jugnoo Buzz Visualized (click to expand)

Currently for Twitter only, but with more platforms to be added soon, Jugnoo’s Tweet Visualyzer™ takes your monitoring and keyword searches to a visually attractive and easy-to-manage playground.

Not only does the Tweet Visualyzer™ show you who’s saying what and when they’re saying it, it groups conversations and participants of these conversations together based on the context of the conversation itself.

What does this mean for your business? Simple – now you can truly see who drives the most buzz around your business, enabling you to initiate contact with them on a possible ambassador program, where they become your voice to their audience.

It’s taking social influence to its natural next stage.

Social Hub

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Jugnoo Social Hub Lennox Lewis (click to expand)

The great thing about the social web is there’s so much choice for the consumer. The bad thing about the social web is there’s so much choice for the consumer – at least, as far as trying to keep their attention on your core products and services.

While some social users may prefer twitter, others love Facebook, while others look to blogs for recommendations, purchases, etc. This is where Jugnoo’s Social Hub comes in.

For brands, you can collate all your main social feeds and rich media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, RSS, Pinterest and Instagram, etc – and display them on a hub that’s the equivalent of Pinterest on steroids.

Visitors can then browse, share, save and recommend. Not only that, with Social Hub 2.0 due imminently, you’ll be able to offer e-commerce solutions directly from the hub – if your visitor sees something they like, they can buy it there and then.

For consumers, they can collate their favourite brands into one area and only receive the offers they’re interested in, increasing the likelihood of a sale from the hub.

It’s a win-win all round.

Social Teams

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Jugnoo social teams (click to expand)

For most businesses, it’s no longer just a one-man job when it comes to your social media strategy and community management.

Instead, it’s more likely to be social teams that run a campaign and account – sales, marketing, customer service, community management, content curators and more.

This is where the Jugnoo social teams solution helps. You can allocate team members to different teams; define user roles (from full admin to content sharer only and everything in-between); choose which social networks are used in the team; and more.

Add in our Workflow solution – released next month – and you have a fully-fledged social workroom with tasks, reports and more across your business.

Video Marketing

People, by nature, are visual creatures, and it’s why images and videos are the most popular items when it comes to sharing across social networks. With that in mind, enter Jugnoo’s Social Video Marketing suite.

With our video marketing software, you can both create and distribute powerful marketing messages to your audience. Or educational videos. Or fun videos – the choices are only limited by your needs.

We provide you with a library of templates, with more added regularly, as well as images and soundtracks to use in your videos.

You can also upload your own, and the editing suite allows you to crop, cut, focus and much more to create a truly engaging and professionally-edited video.

It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular features of Jugnoo’s userbase.

How Does $20 per Month Sound For All This and More?

As you can see, Jugnoo offers a host of features and solutions that take it beyond being “just a social media dashboard.” As Jure Klepic of The Huffington Post writes:

Jugnoo is far more powerful than Hootsuite.

As kind as Jure’s words are, we’re not resting on our laurels. While the features here are in-depth and cohesive, they’re just part of the bigger picture.

Coming in the next couple of weeks you’ll see more social networks, RSS feeds, customs streams (multiple networks in a single stream) and more. There’s also our lead generation solution that will identify and delegate sales opportunities based on language, keywords and sentiment tracking.

Add to that our mobile app – release date the next eight weeks – and, as you can see, it’s quite the package – and one you can have it all for just $20 per month.

Yes, you read that correctly:

$20 per month for all the above features and the upcoming ones.

This is to both celebrate us coming out of our beta mode in October, and to show that – as a loyal Seesmic user – you don’t have to be limited to either moving to a new owner or using the basic Twitter and Facebook features.

Not only that, but when you transfer from Seesmic to Jugnoo, we’ll lock you in at our special $20 per month offer for life, even when we add new features and solutions.

As a quick comparison, Jugnoo offers 5 team members for $20 per month. To get the same team numbers on Hootsuite, you’d have to pay $50 per month:

%social engagement %social listening

Hootsuite pricing plans (click to enlarge)

We know how much you need a social media dashboard -  but we also know that you need more than that to truly be effective with your time and success. And that means social media presence as well!

We’re sorry to see Seesmic disappear, too – as fans of both the product and of Loic and his team. With this offer, we’d like to try and make your next decision a little less hard.

If you’re ready to check us out free for 30 days, click here or on the Pricing Plan details below to get started.

We look forward to giving you a warm welcome aboard the Jugnoo experience.

Note – Social Teams will be available on September 14. Social Monitoring and Social Hub will be available to all users on September 21.

%social engagement %social listening


  1. Mark Harai says:

    This is an awesome post Danny; bet it took longer than 15 minutes to crank this one out, eh?

    JugnooMe is a great value for small business – you’ve got the best product in the market and it’s good to see monetization is around the corner : )

    • Danny Brown says:

      Okay, you got me mate – this one took 17 minutes this time… HA! I wish! :)

      Cheers, dude, and yes, we’re pretty stoked to see everything coming together – it’s been a long beta road, but there’s some exciting light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for being such an awesome proponent and supporter, sir!

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