8 Facebook Graph Search Pros and Cons for Marketing

%social engagement %social listeningGreat article from marketing professionals who are using Facebook Graph Search to their advantage: retaining customers, using conversion measurement, drive engagement, building a community, and using Google Analytics to track leads.

Facebook Graph Search seems to have a lot of potential. With the improved search feature, we’ll finally be able to sift through all the user data on Facebook in an intelligent, intuitive way. For businesses and startups especially, features like Graph Search and Facebook’s conversion measurement tool sound promising [...] BY SCOTT GERBER

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Currently collaborating on a book about big data, Tim Robertson has been involved in both product marketing and content marketing roles at Jugnoo. He has taken best practices in branding to developing nations, helped build one of the Alexa “Top 1 Million Sites in the World”, and written for industry publications such as the Design Management Review.

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